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Turning Corners

The Intel With Greg Cosell: Good 1-Year Vets Available


One of the biggest decisions the Philadelphia Eagles face in the offseason is how to address the outside cornerback position across from Darius Slay, with All-Pro James Bradberry set to hit free agency.

On “The Intel With Greg Cosell,” Inside The Birds hosts Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher are joined by NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell, host of ESPN’s NFL Matchup Show, to evaluate the upcoming free agent cornerback class.

James Bradberry

James Bradberry is one of the top free agent cornerbacks on the market

James Bradberry

Greg Cosell: “I thought he had a really good season. With corners, because they are so visible and you play a lot of single-high safeties, there are times where corners get attacked and they are going to give up plays. Let’s talk about the traits. Ultimately, that’s what you’re talking about, because that’s how teams do it. He can play press-man, he has length to close throwing windows, he’s a really good zone defender with really good vision. He has ball skills. You wouldn’t say he’s fast, that’s probably the one thing in his game that people will look at as declining is his speed…Bradberry can fit in any system, any approach.”

Byron Murphy

Cosell: “I think ultimately, he’s probably a nickel player. Obviously, the Eagles are set at the slot corner position. If the Eagles were interested in Murphy, it would be because they see him as an outside corner and not a slot corner, and he has played outside. I just believe his traits play better inside.”

Jamel Dean

Cosell: “Jamel Dean is a really interesting guy and I think he’s going to be in demand for a number of reasons. First of all, he’s young. He’s only going to be 26. Second of all, he’s long and he can run. He’s had up-and-down moments, but you’re dealing with traits. He has the length, the top-end speed, he can disrupt throwing windows in zone, he can certainly match down the field in man coverage because of his speed. I think he fits really well if you’re going to play single-high safety.”

Patrick Peterson

Cosell: “I don’t think Peterson is the same player as he once was. He’s clearly had a decline in his physical and athletic traits. I think you can still play him in man and zone, I just think he’s a one-year guy if you felt they need someone to plug him…He still has length, he still has awareness, he has really good ball skills; that’s what Patrick Peterson brings to the table, incredibly smart, a great teammate from everything I understand. He just does not have the same explosive traits.”

Eli Apple

Cosell: “He’s another traits guy. Over the years, he has been beat. But he was a top 10-pick. The guy has traits: he’s long, athletic, he can run. Everywhere he goes, he starts. He’s also not that old. He’s always going to get a job because long, athletic corners who can run don’t fall out of the sky.”

Greedy Williams

Cosell: “Greedy Williams has always been fascinating to me. In his first year at LSU, people were talking about him as the next great LSU corner because of his traits. He really looks the part. It just hasn’t worked out. He’s not going to get $14 million a year, but someone is going to look at this kid and say we can make this guy into a really good corner, because he’s long, athletic, his ball skills are pretty good.”

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