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“The Type Of Person We Need:” Q&A With Quintin Mikell, Jason Avant


Julio Jones has reportedly asked the Falcons to trade him.

The Eagles are one of several teams mentioned as potential suitors, despite their recent draft investments at wide receiver, including back-to-back first-round picks on Jalen Reagor and DeVonta Smith.

On the latest “Q&A on Inside The Birds,” former Eagles safety Quintin Mikell and former Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant discussed the idea of the Eagles landing the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver.

Could the Eagles be in play for star WR Julio Jones of the Falcons?


“A lot of times when we have our conversations, we talk about the type of player they need in that receiver room,” Mikell said. “That’s the first name that pops up in my head, but it always seems like, ‘Man, get outta here. Ain’t no way that’s gonna happen.’ Then fast forward to last week, when it started leaking out that they’re looking to move him.

“He’s definitely the type of person we need in that receiver room, the type of person we need for a young, budding quarterback; a young, budding offense; a guy that can just step in and be like, ‘Hey, throw me the ball when it matters’ right now.”

Added Avant: “He’s a different talent. You’re talking about a top-10-ever-to-play-the-position receiver talent. I’m not saying he’s there yet, but I’m saying talent-wise you just can’t get a 6-3 1/2, 6-4 kid that can stop on a dime he he does with an ability to go up and get the ball. He can route you up.

“To get him would be a pleasure. The thing that you think about, OK, he’s 32 years old. How long is his shelf life? Realistically I think Julio has a good four years before you start to see a serious decline in him.”

Check out the full show, with Avant and Mikell also talking about the difficulty of learning a new playbook, Jalen Hurts’ biggest obstacle, offensive scheme, and some special flashbacks from their playing days.

Here’s a tutorial from Mikell on defensive fronts and how the Eagles’ might look:

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