May 7, 2021   2 MIN READ

ITB TV: “You Have To Figure Out What Your New 100 Percent Is”


Mark Schlereth underwent 29 surgeries during his football career – yes, 29 – but the former offensive lineman still played 12 seasons in the NFL, winning three Super Bowl titles and making two Pro Bowls while with Washington and Denver.

Schlereth, a longtime NFL analyst and broadcaster, joined Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher on the latest Inside The Bids TV to discuss expectations for Eagles second-round pick Landon Dickerson, who’s already underwent four season-ending surgeries, and to weigh in on Carson Wentz, the current state of NFL offensive line play and how Schlereth managed to overcome nearly 30 surgical procedures to play in the NFL for more than a decade.

“You will ‘I’m not quite 100 percent’ yourself right out of the league,” Schlereth said he once told former Colorado Rockies outfielder Darren Bragg, who at the time was recovering from ACL surgery. “What I tell everybody is: You have to figure out what your new 100 percent is. It may 75 percent of what it was … but you have to reestablish in your mind – this is my new 100 percent and I’ll never be any better than this.

“If I do get any better than this it’s a bonus, but the bottom line is I would go out there and be incredibly effective at 75 percent of what I used to be, as long as you can adjust from a mental standpoint of the game.”

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