April 21, 2020   2 MIN READ

ITB NFL Mock Draft: 7 WRs, 5 Crimson Tide Taken


Inside the Birds podcast hosts Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher joined with InsideTheBirds.com contributor Andrew DiCecco for a roundtable-style NFL first round Mock Draft.

The full podcast with all the picks can be heard right here:

For those who’d rather see the print version, keeping reading.

The format was simple. Caplan picked first, followed by Mosher, followed by DiCecco for the duration of the 32 selections. Each selection was made with input from all three but the person responsible for making the pick in each slot settled any disputes and was responsible for the selection. One trade was agreed upon by all three, with Jacksonville trading down with Atlanta to 16th overall from ninth overall.

Of the 32 picks, seven were wide receivers — the most of any position group. Offensive tackle was the next most coveted position, with six selections in the first round.

National champion LSU and powerhouse Alabama combined for 10 players taken overall, five apiece from each school. Three of the first six selections were quarterbacks.

Here’s how the ITB Mock Draft played out:

Listen to a recent Inside the Birds podcast with NFL Films senior producer and ESPN NFL Matchup Show co-host Greg Cosell joining the ITB crew to break down several of the draft’s top prospects:

Also, catch the ITB TV interview with Utah cornerback Jaylon Johnson here:

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