March 24, 2021   3 MIN READ

“A Little Bit Weird:” Reactions To Nick Sirianni On “Q&A With Quintin Mikell, Jason Avant”


How did former Eagles safety Quintin Mikell and wide receiver Jason Avant react to Nick Sirianni’s most recent video press conference?

Avant: “I’m having a hard time trying to figure our how he’s going to explain everything based on what he has given us during these press conference. I’m confused from these press conferences, as a former player. I would like to see him get more efficient, but we’re talking about a press conference. Does he feel a little goofy or … I don’t know. It’s a little bit weird. He’s just excited to get his first opportunity.”

Mikell: “I agree, he was all over the place. I pray maybe it’s just nerves. Sometimes you can want to do so many different things. You can actually call it paralysis by analysis. You can overdo it. That’s my only concern with it. I do believe he was just excited and ready to get going.”

Avant: “This is registering in my brain: What did he say int he interview with Howie and the organization in order to get the job? It was not this. It had to be Xs and Os, going over formations and personnel and them leaving that and saying, ‘This is our guy.’ I’m sure the meeting he had with the organization is going to be more like that when it comes to interactions with the players than with the media.”

Avant and MIkell also weighed in on the Eagles’ signing of free-agent safety Anthony Harris.

Mikell: “After I watched his tape – he’s exactly what we need in the secondary right now. He’s not gonna ‘wow’ you with with speed and coming in and blowing plays up. What he does well in my opinion is he’s in the right spot all the time. Money-wise, it makes sense. Heath-wise it makes sense. i think he’s actually going to help the secondary.”

Avant: “I see him timid at point of attack, but he does blitz OK. He has very good ball skills. He didn’t get interceptions last year but the ones he’s had in years, he made some plays. You love to see that.”

Mikell: “I feel like he knows he’s not the fastest guy, but he’s always in the right position. I’m OK with his deficiency speed-wise as long as he continues to play smart and intelligent like he did in Minnesota. I would love to see more physicality out of him … but I do think he’s a perfect fit for our secondary.”

Avant: “I’m very very interested to see how he’s going to marry with Rodney McLeod and how K’von Wallace develops. I feel that him, McLeod and Wallace are too close of the same type of player. I love his ball skills but I want something that will be unique to the free safety position. I want some variety, and I don’t necessarily know that he gives us variety at the position.”

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